Lauralton Hall

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Guidance & College Planning



The Guidance and College Planning Department guides, supports, and inspires our students in their education, while preparing them for the college search and application process

Our counselors are dedicated to helping students achieve academic success and providing top notch, personalized college counseling. The department focuses on supporting students in these areas:

Academic Advisement — Each entering student is assigned a School Counselor. Counselors encourage and advise students to select a challenging college preparatory curriculum.

College Counseling — Junior year, students are assigned a College Counselor. Through individual meetings and seminars, counselors work with students to find colleges and universities that are a good fit for their personal and academic strengths as well as for their career aspirations. Lauralton counselors are there to advise students and their families through every step of the college search, application and admission processes.

Holistic Personal Development — Working collaboratively with teachers and parents, Lauralton counselors are committed to providing academic advisement and helping our students adjust to academic and social challenges throughout their four years. Our goal is to encourage students to become self-aware, explore their individual values and learning styles, and strive for their personal best.


Katie Petteruti
Director of Counseling
203.877.2786, ext. 118

Susan Fracker
College Counselor
203.877.2786, ext. 122

Erin Chamberlain
School Counselor
203.877.2786, ext. 157

Kim Bernier
Counseling Department/Athletic Office Manager
203.877.2786, ext. 138