Lauralton Hall

Sponsored by the Sisters of Mercy

Academic Advisement

Our multi-purpose counseling center provides a safe, supportive environment. It’s the ideal setting for a one-on-one meeting or for a college recruiter’s group presentation. Most importantly, the department is structured so that counselors really get to know their advisees. Not only is there a very low student-to-counselor ratio; students get to know their counselors through individual meetings and seminar classes.

Comprehensive Seminar Program

Through individual and small group meetings, students are guided through a comprehensive seminar program which includes setting goals, building more sophisticated decision-making skills, identifying personal strengths, and exploring potential career paths.  The counseling department follows a careful process of encouraging students to challenge themselves and gain awareness of their own values, learning styles, and personal attributes in this important stage of development.

Each year, students at Lauralton Hall are assigned a seminar class.  College Seminar is built into students’ schedules during second semester junior year and first semester senior year.

Course Selection


Katie Petteruti
Director of Counseling
203.877.2786, ext. 118

Susan Fracker
College Counselor
203.877.2786, ext. 122

Erin Chamberlain
School Counselor
203.877.2786, ext. 157

Kim Bernier
Counseling Department/Athletic Office Manager
203.877.2786, ext. 138