Milford Bus Service

Transportation by school bus is provided by the City of Milford for Lauralton Hall students who are residents of Milford and request this service. Parents who want their daughters to take the school bus to and/or from school must call Durham Bus Company at (203) 783-9763.

Metro-North Student Commuter Information


Metro-North Railroad offers discounted tickets for students traveling to and from school using the Metro-North ETIX Mail&Ride program. Once an ETIX account has been established with Metro-North, the username and pin number remain active until the student graduates. It is not necessary for students to re-register at the beginning of each school year.

The first step is for a parent or student to download the MTA ETIX App to the student’s mobile device.  An ETIX account must be created and synced to the student’s e-mail address. After the ETIX account is set up, complete and submit the Mail&Ride application to Lauralton Hall. The completed form can be mailed to Lauralton, attention “Mail&Ride,” scanned and emailed to or faxed to 203-876-9760. Lauralton will submit the information to Metro-North and Metro-North will email instructions and the pin code directly to the parent.

It is suggested that you complete the ETIX application process as soon as possible to help ensure that a student will have an ETIX for use when school starts in September. Parents who completed the steps above and do not receive an email from Metro-North are encouraged to call Metro-North Mail&Ride Customer Service at 212-340-3288 to request their account and pin numbers.

Kathleen O. Shine
Director of Enrollment
203.877.2786, ext. 125







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