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Note: Registration for the 7th grade entrance exam is within the online application. Students who take the entrance exam on May 5 receive their scores in June. The option is available to take the entrance exam again in the fall of 8th grade. However, according to Kathleen Shine, Director of Enrollment, "Our data over six years of offering the 7th grade exam show that there's no downside for students who take the exam at the end of 7th grade versus the beginning of 8th grade." Click "Log in to start" below.


7th Grade Entrance Exam
Lauralton Hall
Incoming Freshman Fun Night & Parent Social
Athletic Center/Dining Hall
Freshman Fun Day
LH Campus
Transfer Orientation
athletic ctr classroom
Meet Your Teacher

Kathleen O. Shine
Director of Enrollment
203.877.2786, ext. 125

Nicole Benson '04
Legacy Admissions and Alumnae Relations
203.877.2786, ext. 115