UConn Early College Experience


UConn Early College Experience (ECE), the nation's longest running concurrent enrollment program, provides academically motivated students the opportunity to take UConn courses for both high school and college credit.

Lauralton Hall offers the following six UConn ECE certified courses: Advanced Biology Honors, Economics Honors, Environmental Science AP, European History AP, Music Fundamentals and Ear Training 1 and U.S. History Honors and AP. These are the same college-level courses offered at UConn. Lauralton faculty members teaching these courses are certified through UConn as adjunct faculty.

Note that that in order to earn credit, students are required to register through the UConn ECE website during the registration period.  UConn does not allow late registration once the registration period has closed.


In addition:

  • Students who are enrolled in UConn ECE courses must complete all requirements as mandated by UConn (including mid-term and final exams).
  • UConn's academic resources, including library and online classroom access, are available to all UConn ECE students.
  • UConn ECE students must successfully complete the course with a grade of C or above in order to receive University credit.
  • UConn ECE courses fees are $150 for a three credit course and $200 for a four credit course. UConn ECE bills are sent directly to the parent/guardian during the registration process. 

More information on this program is available on the UConn ECE website.

For any questions about this program at LH, please email Dean of Academics Jan Powers '75.