Graduation Requirements

Minimum Requirements for Graduation

Subject Credit

Religion 4.00

English 4.00

World Languages 2.00

Science 3.00

Mathematics 3.00

History 3.00

Fine Arts 1.00

Physical Education 1.00

Electives 4.00

TOTAL 25.00

Requirements by Grade

  • All students are required to carry at least six academic courses each semester. After a student completes her first nonacademic credit in Fine Arts ( Visual Arts or Music), she may elect to take future Fine Arts courses for either academic or nonacademic credit. If a student selects academic credit for the course, that course will be included in her weighted GPA as a College Prep course. A student may take this course to complete her required required six academic courses per semester.
  • Physical Education/Health is required in Grade 9.
  • At least two credits of the same World Language are required for graduation.
  • It is highly recommended that students take four years of math, science and world languages.

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