Graduation Requirements

Minimum Requirements for Graduation

Subject Credit

Religion 4.00

English 4.00

World Languages 2.00

Science 3.00

Mathematics 3.00

History 3.00

Fine Arts 1.00 Non-Academic

First Year Experience

Financial Intelligence

Junior Guidance Seminar

Senior Guidance Seminar Class of 2023 only

Electives 4.00

TOTAL    24.00 Academic Credits 

Requirements by Grade

  • All students are required to carry at least six academic courses each semester. After a student completes her first non-academic credit in Fine Arts ( Visual Arts or Music), she may elect to take future Fine Arts courses for either academic or nonacademic credit. If a student selects academic credit for the course, that course will be included in her weighted GPA as a College Prep course. A student may take this course to complete her required required six academic courses per semester.
  • At least two credits of the same World Language are required for graduation.
  • It is highly recommended that students take four years of math, science and world languages.

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