Centered in God

Centered in God
Beth Coyne

I am filled with gratitude to our students and faculty for a positive and productive start to the 23-24 school year. I know by this time in September summer seems like it was months, not weeks ago. The heat wave that started our school year sure did remind us that summer was still with us, but the chill in the air these mornings make me excited for fall!   

I had the opportunity last week to travel to St. Louis to the Mercy Retreat Center where Mercy Education held their conference for new Heads of School. Since I left Connecticut at 5:00 AM, I got there early, settled into my room at the Retreat Center, answered emails, and went to the bookstore. I was surrounded by materials that encouraged reflections on living the charism of Mercy. I read about Catherine McAuley, the foundress of our sponsor, the Sisters of Mercy. She cultivated a steady awareness of God’s presence in her everyday experience. Her “quiet centeredness in God sustained her in the whirlwind of activity” she experienced as she set about her work to create the House of Mercy in Dublin. That phrase, “whirlwind of activity” gave me pause as I thought about how busy these last few weeks have been with the start of our new school year. Last week we took time in our beautiful Chapel at Lauralton Hall to meet as a school community. We prayed, sang, shared announcements, and then sat silently for a minute to center ourselves in God amidst the whirlwind of activity that a new school year brings.  

If you are new to our community, I want to share a suggestion and strategy to help you manage your whirlwind of activity. Kim Bernier, who manages our master calendar and the athletics calendar, shared with me directions on how to link the CIAC sports calendar and the Lauralton Hall master calendar to my phone calendar. Having all of these activities in one place allows me to manage them better, knowing when and where I need to be. The directions are linked here CIAC athletics calendar and LH Calendar. I hope you find them helpful as well!  

I leave you with the words of Catherine McAuley: We have one solid comfort amidst this little tripping about: our hearts can always be in the same place, centered in God – for whom alone we go forward – or stay back.  


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