Lauralton’s Financial Intelligence course, required of all sophomores, meets once during our eight-day cycle. The goal of this course, launched in September 2020 with the Class of 2023, is to help students gain financial acumen that will help them in their personal and professional lives for decades to come. 

Students will understand the repercussions of financial decisions they make and improve their financial independence, eschewing debit while investing wisely. Topics presented will grant them the lifelong confidence to engage in financial discussions and pose questions. 

In this one semester course, students are divided into cohorts of approximately 20 students.  Cohorts meet in 75-minute sessions where they delve into topics ranging from financial nomenclature to time value of money and dollar cost averaging.

Head of School Elizabeth Miller initiated Lauralton’s Financial Intelligence seminars and personally curated the curriculum.  “As an undergraduate, I studied economics management and it provided me the foundation to work confidently in international business after finishing graduate school,” said Mrs. Miller. “ My own comfort in financial matters had helped me tremendously in my family life as well as in my school leadership roles, and I’m excited to share the financial knowledge I have received with LH students.”  Mr. Mark Allen currently teaches the seminars.