LH Delegates Govern at YAG State Conference


LH Delegates Govern at YAG State Conference

A group of 90 Lauralton delegates participated in the Youth & Government (YAG) State Conference held March 23-24 at the State Capitol Building in Hartford. Delegates presented their bills and debated with hundreds of other students from across Connecticut. The following students had their bills passed and signed by the YAG governor:

Maggie Fedor '21 and Isabelle Musto '21 (banning plastic straws in elementary schools), Kelly DeRosa '20 and Carly Weber '20 (sober passengers with learner permit drivers), Isabella Secchiarolli '19 and Leah Cogguillo '19 (extending statute of limitations for sexual harassment reporting), Julianna McKeown '22 and Claudia Bushati '22 (banning nicotine product use in a car containing minors), Julianna Darcy '20 (mandatory free after-school care in all elementary schools), Alexa Jarrett '21 and Anna Farruggio '21 (mandatory changing tables in men's restrooms), and Brianna Reed '20 and Allie Elliott '20 (mandatory seatbelt use for backseat passengers).

Several students also were recognized for their individual contributions and achievements including Audrey Ulrich '22 for Outstanding Journalist, Claire Bolash '20 and Charlotte Baekey '21 for Best Debate, and Claire Bolash '20 and Olivia Kingston '20 for placing runner up in the Youth in Law competition.

In addition, four Lauralton students won election: Carly Weber '20 as press corps editor-in-chief (for the second year), Olivia Kingston as attorney general, Isabela Baghdady '20 as speaker of the house, and Victoria Sogueco '20 as secretary of state.

This year's LH delegation showed a strong family interest in governance. Delegates included sisters Melody Allen '19 and Carly Allen '20 , Abigail Baisley '19 and Lauren Baisley '21, Claire Bolash '20 and Lily Bolash '22, Kelly DeRosa '20 and Kacie DeRosa '22, Kristina Wynnick '20 and Alyssa Wynnick '22, Allie Elliott '20 and Quin Elliott '21, Abigail Paine '20 and Maddy Paine '22 along with cousin Carly Weber '20, and Veronica Pinho '21 and Lila Pinho '22.

Congratulations to our outgoing officers from the Class of 2019 Carolyn Canavan (lieutenant governor), Abby Baisley (secretary of state), Bella Secchiaroli (speaker of the house), and Skylar Korman (attorney general) and to all LH YAG members for their strong performance this year at the 2019 state conference.