Three Student Clubs Join Forces for the Fashion Event of the Season!

On Wednesday, March 6 the Environmental Club, the Black Student Union, and the DICE Club teamed up to create an amazing fashion show this year!

The fashion show had three parts: Trash-the-Runway, Fashion Around the World, and Black Culture Through the Decades. 

During Trash-the-Runway, designer/model teams created outfits made out of mostly recycled materials. Some of the materials used this year included candy wrappers, mini muffin boxes, lollipop wrappers, recycled/thrifted clothing, and Diet Coke cans. Participants in Fashion Around the World shared their culture's traditional clothing as they paraded down the runway. We saw traditional outfits from Puerto Rico and Pakistan. And the Black Student Union showcased changing black fashion from the 70's and 80's.

Thank you to our club officers for collaborating on this spectacular event, and a round of applause to all of the designers and models who walked the runway!



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