Fostering Future Engineers Through the Sikorsky STEM Challenge

On Friday, April 29 Lauralton Hall's engineering team joined eight other schools - LH was the only all-girls team! - as they gave their final presentations as part of the 2021-2022 Sikorsky STEM Challenge. For approximately eight months, the 45 dedicated members of Lauralton's engineering team worked tirelessly on their final design concept “EMPOWERMENT” which utilizes a pre-programmed Arduino and ultrasonic sensor that will map the terrain of Mars and identify the optimum landing areas for the prototype carrying the payload.  The payload will be released through autonomous drop doors and free fall to the surface.  The landing gear is designed to facilitate a fixed and anchored landing, as well as the interior design will protect the payload from vibration and shock; this maintains the integrity of the payload. Future iterations will utilize the payload area to house various experimentation and data collection on Mars to foster a better understanding for future missions. 

Congratulations to the entire Engineering Team on another successful year, and best wishes to our graduating seniors, many of whom have declared Engineering majors at their respective colleges and universities!

Seniors:  Caroline Begg, Lily Bolash, Nektaria Karagiannis, Lillian Trudeau, Sarah Rescsanski, Makeda Staton, Victoria Vizza, Morgan White

Juniors: Hailey Black, Shannon Crandley, Mia Cristodero, Shannon Green, Julianna LaMagna, Elizabeth Long, Aeryn Millott, Malulani Mountcastle, Abby Newman, Margo Katz, Grace Polatsek, Ananya Soleti, Holly Thorndike, Toli Williams

Sophomores: Sharae Burris, Graysen Byrnes, Gabriela Coppola, Michaela Day, Amelia Deeds, Eva Dooher,  Julia Fitzgerald,  Emma Hoffman, Jaiden Johnson, Caitlin Keogh, Anna Korchinski, Katerina Koutouvides, Charlotte Michener, Kelley Monahan, Sheila Northrup, Madelyn Saxer, Chelsea St. Cloud, Jenny Wu

Freshmen: Amirah Easter, Caroline Gouley, Camille Irby, Ella Trudeau, Ellery Varholak

Presenting Members (Pictured from left to right): Victoria Vizza, Amirah Easter, Grace Polatsek, Ella Trudeau, Ananya Soleti, Lillian Trudeau, Morgan White, Caroline Begg, Shannon Crandley, Mia Christodero, Nektaria Karagiannis, Hailey Black, Lily Bolash, Ellery Varholak, Margo Katz, Gabriela Coppola, and Camille Irby.

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