MPA Board

2017-18 MPA Board and Committees/Events

Elise Cassidy P'18 and Cindy Elwood P'18 '20, Co-Presidents
Jorie Cogguillo P’12, P’16, P’19, Secretary
Carolyn Gill P '18, Treasurer

Auction/Gala Co-Chairs
Michael and Amy Baisley P’ 19, P'21
James and Amy Keary P’16, P’18, P’20
Fred and Vivian McMullen P’20

Communications Chair
Eileen Meltzer P '20

MPA Photographers
Eileen Melzter P '20
Nicole Foote P '21
Sheri Tinguirlis P '20
Alex Seagull P '19

Teacher Appreciation Chair
Kim NewBauer P’18

Hospitality Chair
Mairbeth Devine P '21

Father-Daughter Event Chairs
Tanya Dana P '21
Kyle Dougherty P'21
LeighAnn Weber P'20

Mother-Daughter Fashion Show Chair

Gail Golden P’20

Lauralton Line Co-Chairs
Mel Woods P’19
Andrea Secchiaroli P'19

Grade 12 Representatives
Kristin Ball P’18

Grade 11 Representatives
Teresa McLaughlin P'17, '19, '21
Mel Woods P’19

Grade 10 Representatives
Sally McNeela P’20
LeighAnn Weber P’20

Grade 9 Representatives
Katie Peloso P’14, '16, '21
Lynne Redgate P'21

MPA Staff Liaison
Casey Wright, Director of Annual Giving