Environment and Sustainability

Our Policy

Rooted in the mission of Lauralton Hall and the Direction Statement of the Sisters of Mercy, Lauralton Hall holds a respectful view of the natural world as the unique creation of God. Therefore, we take seriously our responsibility for caring for creation in partnership with the creator. Lauralton Hall accepts responsibility to carefully monitor its use of resources, minimize waste production, maximize recycling and implement ecologically sensitive management and development of its campus. We also seek to manage the natural and built environment in an ecologically sound manner that models an ethical approach to the care of the Earth.

At Lauralton Hall, we are actively involved in a variety of projects and partnerships to “go green.” From clubs to committees, recycling to carbon reduction, from exploiting new technologies to adaptive reuse, we seek to advocate and implement best practice in reducing our overall carbon footprint.

Clubs & Committees

Environmental Club

One of the largest and most popular student clubs on campus, the Environmental Club seeks to raise awareness of environmental issues that effect Lauralton Hall and the earth. The club also focuses on sustainability initiatives at Lauralton.

An early initiative of the club was the recycling program at Lauralton. Today, paper recycling bins are located in every classroom and office, with bottle recycling receptacles strategically located throughout the school. In addition, the club participates in annual events such as America Recycles Day in November, featuring a Trash-Free Lunch Marathon. To celebrate Earth Day, the club presents its Trash-the-Runway Fashion Show, which incorporates environmental awareness with fun fashions made from throwaway items. Club members also have created an Anti-Idling campaign as well as an Eco-Jewelry Store. More recently, the club's butterfly garden is alive and thriving under the care of the newly-formed Butterfly Garden Committee!

Environmental Committee

The committee, a diverse group of faculty, students, administrators and staff, works to identify and promote system-wide green initiatives and collaborates with outside partners to attain its goals.  


April Kelley
Moderator of the Environmental Club


We recognize strength in building strategic partnerships to create a sustainable and greener environment. We are honored to be partnering with the following organizations to reach this goal:

Strategic Initiatives

Embracing environmental and green priorities is a daily practice for our students, faculty and staff. Below is a list of initiatives that have been implemented:

  • School-wide recycling of paper, single-use bottles, cans and cardboard
  • Replacing the out-dated, oil-burning boiler system and installing “d fuel” burners so energy-efficient and safe “natural gas” is our heating fuel
  • Donating old library books to BetterWorldBooks
  • Replacing light bulbs in the Athletic Center foyer to energy-efficient LED
  • Reusing plastic containers for water cups and paint in all art classes
  • Recycling old computers and laptops
  • Reducing paper consumption by posting online rather than printing