Summer Programs for Lauralton Students

Programs offered in summer 2016

We are pleased to announce our 2016 summer program offerings for Lauralton incoming freshmen and rising seniors. For students who wish to enroll in more than one program in a session, time for a brown bag lunch has been built into the schedule.

Programs for Freshmen

Physics FUNdamentals

Physics FUNdamentals is a short, interactive summer program meant to serve as an introduction to or review of the necessary mathematical background and laboratory skills required of incoming Lauralton students. The program covers order of operations, unit conversions, and algebraic manipulation. Students get hands-on experience in proper laboratory technique and formal laboratory writing, including use of the required TI-84C Silver calculator and Microsoft Excel ® software used for graphical representation of data. This course offers a FUN learning experience that encourages trial and error, peer mentorship, and collaboration and personalized instruction. Download the Physics FUNdamentals overview to read more about this summer program. Click here to register. 

The Grammar Zone

The Grammar Zone is a one week summer seminar for incoming freshmen. Taught by a senior member of the Lauralton Hall English Department, The Grammar Zone reintroduces the basic rules of grammar, syntax, and mechanics in a fast-paced, fun, and innovative format. Detailed information is included in the program overview. Please use The Grammar Zone registration form to reserve your place.  

Programs for Seniors

Summer Writing Workshop - Taking the Stress Out of the Personal Essay

Applying for college can be overwhelming; writing the application essay stressful. How do you let the admissions officer see who you are, set yourself apart, and do it all with flawless grammar and perfect sentence structure? The Summer Writing Workshop helps Lauralton students write captivating personal essays. Offered the summer before senior year, each workshop meets three hours a day, Monday through Friday. Morning, afternoon and evening sessions are available, each with a minimum of 10 students and a maximum of 15 students. Information on the 2016 summer writing workshop to come. 


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