Information technology provides a means for developing and expanding communication within the Lauralton Hall community and for linking our constituencies in innovative ways. Lauralton Hall strives to provide the best practices and resources from a wealth of emerging technologies to serve our academic community.

Technology Vision Statement

TechnologyLH will provide the technological tools and 21st century skills that will enable women to become responsible, productive, ethical, collaborative life-long learners in a global society. All members of the Lauralton Hall community will

  • Demonstrate proficiency in the use of technological tools and devices.
  • Use appropriate technologies to enhance learning and problem solving.
  • Access, critique, organize, and analyze information to make informed decisions.
  • Use technology in an ethical and legal manner and understand how technology usage affects the individual and the global society.
  • Communicate and collaborate with peers, experts and other members of the global community.

Bring Your Own Device Policy

Students at Lauralton Hall view technology as a basic element of their environment and a key to effective learning. Students are encouraged to bring their own technology device to school for use in the academic setting. These devices consist of laptops, tablets, e-readers, Smartphones, mp3 players and other such devices. The students may take notes, conduct research, access their classroom pages, print out papers and create presentations while at school, Each teacher sets the guidelines in their classroom on when these devices may be used.

Lauralton Hallways

The school uses web-based software to provide an exciting communications tool—individualized classroom websites for teachers to post homework, upload class notes and other files and provide links to relevant internet sites. Parents and students have one place to find homework assignments, upcoming test dates, class announcements and a class calendar. Web pages for student clubs and parent organizations are also available. Aptly named Lauralton Hallways, this software is primarily for use by students, parents and faculty. However, many areas can be viewed without logging in so prospective students and parents, alumnae and others are invited to explore.

Acceptable Use Policy

Lauralton Hall students and their parents are required to acknowledge by signature their understanding of and agreement with the school's standards and policies on the use of the Lauralton Hall computer network and the Internet. The Acceptable Use Policy is included in the Lauralton Hall Student/Parent Handbook of Standards and Expectations.

Student Home Computer Recommendation

Lauralton Hall recommends that all students have a home computer, laptop or tablet on which the Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) is installed. Students also need internet access in order to use Lauralton Hallways and the various library resources.

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