Why Support Lauralton?

Because educating young Lauralton women and preparing them for life impacts the world we live in;

Because nurturing young Lauralton women to become confident, caring, and competent citizens in the Mercy tradition makes a difference in the way we care for one another;

Because empowering young Lauralton women to pursue their dreams can change a family, a community, a nation, a world.

Since 1905, Lauralton Hall has provided an educational experience in the Mercy tradition to thousands of young women—an education designed to "pursue knowledge, recognize truth, and respond to the needs of others."

Lauralton Hall prepares young women for entrance into selective colleges and universities, for leadership in varieprofessions and within their families and for the challenges of life itself in the 21st century.

Work of this caliber and importance requires substantial and ongoing support.  Gifts to Lauralton Hall allow us to recruit exceptional faculty, build and maintain our historic facilities and campus and expand the scope and quality of our educational resources.

Philanthropic support to Lauralton Hall is a meaningful way to become involved in the school’s life and growth. It reflects a commitment to Lauralton’s mission and a belief in the future for new generations of Lauralton women.







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