UConn Early College Experience (ECE) is a concurrent enrollment program that provides academically motivated students the opportunity to take UConn courses at Lauralton Hall for both high school and college credit. Every course taken through UConn ECE is equivalent to the same course at the University of Connecticut. Lauralton Hall teachers who are certified as adjunct professors through the University of Connecticut teach the UConn ECE courses. Students who are enrolled in UConn ECE courses must complete all requirements as mandated by UConn (including mid-term and final exams). To support rigorous learning, University of Connecticut academic resources, including library and online classroom access, are available to all UConn ECE students. UConn ECE students must successfully complete the course with a grade of C or above in order to receive University credit. The majority of students who take University of Connecticut courses through the UConn ECE program have successfully transferred their UConn credits to the colleges/universities of their choice. Students who already know the institution to which they will apply should contact the institutions directly to determine if transfer credits from UConn are accepted. UConn ECE courses are $25 per credit plus a University Resource Fee of $15 per course (three-credit course = $90). Invoices for fall semester courses and full year courses are e-mailed directly from UConn to the student at the end of August. Invoices for spring semester courses are e-mailed at the beginning of November. More information on this program is available on the UConn ECE website.

These Lauralton courses are UConn ECE certified:Proud partner with UConn Early College Experience

Advanced Biology Honors
Discrete Math Honors
Economics Honors
Environmental Science AP
European History AP
Music Theory Honors
U.S. History AP


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