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Honor Code

The honor code obligates students to refrain from giving, receiving, or using aid on any examination, test, quiz, or other specified assignment. Cheating is any dishonest or deceptive act by which a student represents the labor or knowledge of another person as her own.

Honor Roll

The honor roll is determined quarterly to publicly acknowledge the academic accomplishments of our students. To achieve honors, a student must have an average of at least an 86 in all academic courses. To achieve high honors, a student must have an average of at least a 92 in all academic courses. Students with any grade below a C or an incomplete in any course are ineligible for the honor roll.


The teachers at Lauralton Hall not only provide professional expertise but also serve as role models to the young women entrusted to their care. They bring creativity, dedication, love and commitment which inspire personal growth and responsible moral choices.

Accommodations for Students with Learning Disabilities

Lauralton Hall offers a challenging academic experience designed to prepare young women for acceptance to and success in a wide range of colleges and universities. Qualified students with mild to moderate learning disabilities can certainly find success in the Lauralton Hall program. However, the rigor of the course of studies does not allow for more than limited accommodations; therefore, there are instances in which all recommendations of a student’s Individualized Education Plan cannot be offered.

For students with diagnosed learning disabilities, Lauralton Hall provides the following accommodations:

  • Extended time (1.5 times the regularly allotted time) for tests and exams;
  •  Priority classroom seating

While Lauralton Hall does not provide tutoring, the following support services are available to all students: extra help offered by teachers during common time and at least twice weekly after school until 3:00 p.m., and peer tutoring by request.

Accreditations & Associations

The Academy of Our Lady of Mercy, Lauralton Hall is accredited by the the New England Association of Schools and Colleges and the Connecticut Department of Education.

The school is a member of the Connecticut Association of Schools, Connecticut Association of Independent Schools, National Association of Independent Schools, National Catholic Educational Association, National Coalition of Girls' Schools, Mercy Secondary Education Association and Online School for Girls.

Online Textbook Purchase

Lauralton Hall students purchase textbooks online. The school has teamed with Follett Virtual Bookstore, the leading provider of online bookstore services to private K-12 schools providing families with first-class service, competitive pricing and access to a wide selection of new and used textbook titles and other learning materials. Each year in late May or early June the preliminary booklist for the upcoming school year is made available to Lauralton Hall students and their parents and at the end of July the booklist is posted to the Follett website. This online program was designed to streamline textbook operations for schools and make book buying as easy as possible for families. Questions about purchasing textbooks should be directed to the Follett Virtual Bookstore website or, by phone, to 1-877-VAR-BOOK (877-827-2665).





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